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Last modified on Sunday, 23 August 2020 10:02

Telecounselling service 'Moner Jotno Mobile E' For anxieties related to COVID-19 Featured

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Telecounselling service 'Moner Jotno Mobile E' For anxieties related to COVID-19

BRAC, Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC), and the emotional support and suicide prevention hotline Kaan Petey Roi, have jointly launched 'Moner Jotno Mobile E', a telecounselling platform to provide emergency counselling support for citizens experiencing distress, frustration and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service was launched on Monday, 20 April 2020, and will be available across the country. The organisers stated that any citizen, irrespective of gender and socioeconomic background, will be able to seek support for the stress and frustration which may have arisen from the situation caused by the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

The hotline number 0966-678-9999 will be open from 8am till 12 midnight. Counsellors will directly pick the calls from the persons in distress.

Dr Erum Mariam, Executive Director of BRAC Institute of Educational Development said, "This collaborative effort aims at helping those who are experiencing a state of stress and anxiety in this unusual situation. Lockdowns, long stay at home and other social distancing measures enforced to contain the spread of the virus are causing confusion and distress among many of us, while many others are anxious about losing jobs. Expert counselling from platforms such as 'Moner Jotno Mobile E', which combines the expertise of BRAC, PHWC, and Kaan Petey Roi, can provide essential mental support to suffering individuals, so that they can better tackle this crisis and inspire a sense of hopefulness for the future.”

Organisers also said remote counselling using telephone is being globally advocated by experts, especially in a time of lockdowns such as the current pandemic, when people are often unable to get out of home to seek support.

Under 'Moner Jotno Mobile E' initiative, a team of 28 psychologists and counsellors, trained in general psychology, counselling psychology and clinical psychology, will directly attend to the callers whose full confidentiality will be ensured. The professionals will provide an empathetic and comfortable space in which the callers will feel heard, valued and respected as well as encouraged to confide their distresses, enabling them to feel less isolated and separated. Telecounsellors will also support the callers with wellbeing tips and exercise suggestions, which will hopefully ease their distress and anxiety.

The organisers further noted that if any caller expresses that they have symptoms of COVID-19, or manifests more serious psychological distress, they will be referred to other respective government-approved services for further attention and treatment.

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