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Last modified on Monday, 02 November 2015 03:54

BRAC observes "International Migrants` Day"

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20 December 2009, Dhaka. In recognition to the contributions made by millions of Bangladeshi migrants to the development and well being of so many countries across the world and as an opportunity to highlight issues that are key interest to migrants and their communities, underscore the need to promote decent work for all, and promote respect for the basic human rights of migrants, BRAC jointly Bangladesh Government & relevant organizations have celebrated International Migrants Day-2009 on 18 December in 2009 at Dhaka & across the 17 project districts in Bangladesh. BRAC was representing it’s flagship at national and international network which are working on promoting and protecting the rights of migrants and their families. BRAC chiefly remembered of all Bangladeshi Migrants in home and abroad.


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