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Voices from the global south

New Research Reveals Path to Equity in Early Childhood Development

The greatest challenge in early childhood development is to enable those children who are the least privileged to enter kindergarten as well-prepared as those who are the most privileged. New research has found a model that achieves that.

By Erum Mariam, Executive Director of the BRAC Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University in Bangladesh

How to Get on Track to Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Escaping a poverty trap requires a “big push” - a significant transfer of resources and support that can address multiple barriers in one go. Governments are investing in the Graduation approach to begin to fully address extreme poverty.

By Gregory Chen, Managing Director of Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative at BRAC

The Recurring Power of a Flexible System of Schools

Achieving educational outcomes on a massive scale requires putting aside traditional assumptions about learning systems - such as what a school looks like and how a teacher is trained.

By Sarah-Jane Saltmarsh, Head of Thought Leadership & Programme and Enterprise Communication and Safi Rahman Khan, Director of Education, Skills Development and Migration at BRAC

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