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Community Road Safety NGO Network

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BRAC offers training on community road safety to local NGOs. This coalition of nationwide organisations formed a Community Road Safety NGO Network under the umbrella of BRAC. These organisations are supported through resources by BRAC for conducting road safety training and awareness campaigns within their operating areas.

The most important goal of the NGO Network is to build the capacity of NGO's, so they too can write project proposals, apply for funds, and use the financial support of donors to implement projects in their locality. This is done with the aim of sustainability for road safety activities (even after BRAC stops their road safety interventions in the project areas).

NGOs interested to join the network are welcome to apply. Once accepted, a NGO receives a road safety flipchart, a demonstration on how to use it and a short lecture on road safety. Every batch of 30 new members receive a day long orientation training on road safety.

BRAC uses this platform to jointly pursue road safety projects with any member organisations in their areas of operation.  As of 2015, 337 NGOs have been brought under the network. BRAC also gives technical assistance to the member organisations so that they can conduct projects on road safety improvement.

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