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Last modified on Sunday, 15 October 2023 00:00

Financial Inclusion Week: Female entrepreneurs set to showcase diverse range of products in Mymensingh Featured

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Financial Inclusion Week: Female entrepreneurs set to showcase diverse range of products in Mymensingh

In a bid to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of women in Mymensingh, a wide array of products ranging from handcrafted garments to agricultural goods, will be on display. This includes traditional items from the region.

Scheduled for Monday, 16 October, the “Uddoger Utshob” will kick off at 11 am and continue until 7 pm at the Boishakhi Mancha of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Park in Mymensingh city. Prospective buyers will have a unique opportunity to make direct purchases of various products, such as garments, food items, pickles, handicrafts, agricultural products, showpieces, and many more, from these enterprising women, supported by BRAC.

The event will be organised on the occasion of 'Financial Inclusion Week,' which commences on October 16.

BRAC is the driving force behind this initiative, with the aim of fostering female entrepreneurship by providing a platform for direct product showcase and sales. BRAC representatives will be available at the event, offering information on a diverse range of products and addressing queries related to the BRAC Microfinance Programme.

From BRAC's perspective, the primary goal of this event is to facilitate direct sales from female entrepreneurs to customers. It is also anticipated that entrepreneurs will gain invaluable insights into market demands for their products.This event is poised to make significant contributions to the expansion of small-scale businesses, ultimately enhancing economic empowerment for these driven entrepreneurs.

Through BRAC's Microfinance Programme, women are not only gaining financial independence but are also becoming self-reliant. BRAC firmly believes that by providing women with more opportunities, they will be better equipped to contribute substantially to the economic growth of the nation.

The pivotal role played by female entrepreneurs in bolstering the country's economic landscape cannot be overstated. BRAC's Microfinance Programme, which has already organised over 5.5 million female entrepreneurs and members, continues to be a linchpin in the development of small and medium-scale industries nationwide.

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