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Training Workshop on Research Proposal Preparation and Scientific Report Writing

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18 February 2013, Dhaka. A training workshop on Research Proposal Preparation and Scientific Report Writing was held at BCDM, Rajendrapur, Gazipur from February 9 to 13, 2013. The workshop was organized by Krishi Gobeshona Foundation in collaboration with BRAC. 30 scientists from different fields of National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) institutes participated in the five-day long workshop that aimed to improve the scientific research skill for writing/preparing quality research project proposal and report writing.

The workshop was directed to fill the need of the researchers to prepare formal research proposals for securing funds from different sources and to write reports for publishing paper in scientific journals. The researchers in Bangladesh, though academically qualified, are often not well versed in the art of research project proposal and report writing which requires adequate relevant scientific knowledge and skill. The meticulously designed training workshop with focused activities and facilitation of specialist resource speakers served to improve the necessary skill of the researchers.

The distinguished resource persons of the workshop included Dr. Francisco Javier Zapata-Arias, Advisor, Agriculture and Food Security Programme, BRAC; Andrew Jenkins, Coordinator, Impact Assessment Unit, Research and Evaluation Division (RED), BRAC; Fakir Md. Yunus, Research Associate, Impact Assessment Unit, RED; S M Mustafizur Rahman, Faculty Member, BRAC Learning Division (BLD); A.K.M. Alamgir Chowdhury, Director, Socioconsult; Hasan Shareef Ahmed, Chief of Editing and Publication, RED; Jan Jenkins, education specialist and Nil Ratan Halder, Senior Program Manager, BRAC Education Programme (BEP). Among the participants were researchers from Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council (BARC), Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI), Cotton Development Board, Shrimp Research Station, Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute, Bangladesh Forest Research Institute, Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute, Oilseed Research Center, Bangladesh Tea Research Institute, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), and Bangladesh Sericulture Research & Training Institute etc.

The workshop comprised of classroom lectures, discussions and group work on the most relevant topics. The discourse was substantiated with practical exercise on research proposal presentation and scientific report writing for crop, fishery, and livestock subsectors. Research proposal writing on non-commodity areas, particularly natural resource and input management was also encouraged. The climate change scenario, another important contemporary issue, was considered during the exercise. The workshop concluded with group presentation and discussion on the outcome of the exercise by group members.

The workshop served to reaffirm BRAC’s commitment to work in partnership with the government and to strengthen the quality of service provided for the wellbeing of the poor.


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